Who are we

TRANSMECT The company is specialized since 2012 in the logistics transport and distribution and import of construction equipment, wood and wood products. Since 2016, our company has evolved to import construction materials, wood and wood products the entire Algerian territory with a fleet of several semi-trailer trucks in a park located in Bejaia; 250 KM east of the capital Algiers and 05 KM from the port of Bejaia.

Our commitment

Our expertise is as follows

  • Conventional transport or oversized
  • Storage and unloading of containers
  • Distribution Logistics
  • Port logistics
  • Expertise containers and goods
  • Processing orders relating to logistical resource requirements.
  • Manage deliveries including packaging operations, handling and transport.
  • Physical Resource Management.
  • Managing the movement of persons.


Our company is a highly worthy trusted company that brought out a range of wood products.
The various products offered are:
- White Lumber and packaging
- Redwood,
- Beech,
- Crate
and these derivatives:
- Against plated
- Masonite
- Novopan
- Chipboard
- Melamine
- MDF veneer and gross
  Our team of qualified experts and are a strong support to our company.
We are a company focused on the customer that provides its customers with the greatest satisfaction.
We provide packaging and export of goods safely.